20101113|MATRIX - Drum & Bass Legend 傳奇鼓打貝斯製作人 @ LUXY

LUXY & Tranquility Bass Production present【MATRIX】

★ 鼓打貝斯天王 Goldie 力推旗下王牌
★ 賈斯汀、唐妮布蕾斯頓、羅比威廉斯等多位藝人官方混音樂手
★ Drum & Bass + House + Electro 三種曲風全方位享受一次到位

Matrix 從出道起就不斷發揮其影響力,在鼓打貝斯傳奇廠牌 Metalheadz 和 Virus 都發行過單曲(Virus 的主理人之一 Optical 與 Matrix 實為親兄弟關係)。Matrix 的作品有著一貫的高品質與高完成度,一直深受許多 DJ 和鼓打貝斯愛好者的喜愛。他在 2002 年化名 Goldtrix 開始製作 house,一首Trippin 不僅打入 UK Top 10,後續還幫賈斯汀、唐妮布蕾斯頓及惡童羅比威廉斯等多位藝人炮製混音,證明其全方位的創作能力。2005 年 Matrix 開始和 Futurebound 以二人組的形式推出單曲,創作了多首舞池經典如 American Beauty、Universal Truth、Coast 2 Coast 等,每首都受到各大 DJ 如 Andy C、Grooverider 和 Goldie 的強力播放。兩人還幫許多重量級音樂人像是 DJ Sasha、Danny Howells、Ian Carey、Lazee、Skepta 和 Moby 等人操刀混音。這次 Matrix 的亞洲巡迴第二站將來到台灣,千萬別錯過親眼目睹鼓打貝斯天王級製作人 Matrix 打碟的機會!

同場演出:DJ Rich、DJ Chin、MC Stoppa


Matrix has been making waves in the drum and bass since practically the very beginning. He's had releases on practically every major label including Metalheadz and Virus (Label of the legandary Optical who incidentally is his older brother). Matrix has constantly released the types of tunes that see most DJs and drum and bass connoisseurs naming him as one of their most consistent producers. His foray into house under the moniker Goldtrix produced the UK top 10 single 'Trippin' as well as remixes of the likes of Justin Timberlake, Toni Braxton and Robbie Williams.

Recently he has teamed up to form the duo Matrix and Futurebound and every release by the two of them has been slammed by the biggest DJs such as AndyC, Grooverider and Goldie. Not only have they had huge hits such as the American Beauty remix, Universal Truth and Coast 2 Coast, but they've also remixed some of the biggest artists in music like Sasha's Xpander, Danny Howells, Ian Carey, Lazee, Skepta and Moby.

This is the 2nd stop on Matrix's Asian tour after playing at Tokyo's superclub, Womb, and then flying to Bali to headline the Paradise in Bali outdoor festival. Don't miss this chance to see one of the biggest names in drum and bass at the premiere nightclub in Taiwan.

Supporting acts: DJ Rich, DJ Chin, MC Stoppa


時間:2010.11.13 /Sat/ 22:00
   5F 201 Sec. 4 Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei
票價:NT$300 before 23:00 (with 2 drinks)
   NT$600 after 23:00 (with 2 drinks)

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