20101231|E for Electro 2011 New Year Eve 跨年派對巨獻 @ 台中市貿一館

E for Electro 2011 New Year Eve 跨年派對巨獻
2010/12/31/星期五 Friday
@ 台中市貿一館 ( World Trade Center ,Taichung )


E4 Electro團隊在2010年進入尾聲的時刻即將帶給您全新的極致聲光體驗!中部首度盛大舉辦的電子音樂跨年派對
大型室內跳舞派對首次移植到台中市貿一館舉行 (World Trade Center ,Taichung),將特別重金邀請多組國際重量級DJ與表演者共相盛舉,打造最前衛的新興跳舞音樂場域。

活動詳情與相關藝人介紹將於10月起陸續公佈!請密切注意E4 Electro網誌與Facebook版面.


特優預售票: NT.800 (10月15起 限量300張 售完為止)
預售票: NT.1000 (11月1日至12月28日截止)
現場票價: NT.1500
預售票點: 全省NEU!門市 (11月啟動)
more info: 0928900255 Ryan

台中世貿一館 (World Trade Center ,Taichung)

More Information Coming Soon!!!

The most fun wildest New Year's Eve party in Taichung! You don’t want to miss it!

E4 Electro team coming to an end in 2010, the moment has to offer Your ultimate new sound and light experience! Central for the first time electronic music held a grand New Year Party
First transplant large indoor dance party to be held in Taichung City Hall I trade (World Trade Center, Taichung), will be invited to special groups of heavily international DJ were compared with the performers great event, and create the most avant-garde dance music emerging field.

For details and related artists introduced starting in October will be announced! Please close attention to the E4 Electro blog and Facebook page.

Pre-sale tickets will be limited value in mid-October began offering pre-order!

Limited number of ticket! Please do not miss picking up the goodies!

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