20110520︱EXIT 6 presents: John Selway @ theLoft/LUXY

在全球的電子音樂之中, John Selway 是ㄧ位才華洋溢不斷創新的音樂工作者. 他也與Deep Dish/Carl Cox / Christian Smith等著名的藝人曾經共同合作.
John Selway沈穩內斂的DJ/LIVE演出和其所監製出品的各混音單曲,不論在您的耳機或是在115dBs高音量的舞池之中,都能讓聽者有極佳的評價!
In the world of electronic-music, John Selway is rare innovator and originator, a musician who collaborates with and remixes luminaries such as Deep Dish, Carl Cox and Christian Smith. A DJ and live act whose own productions and remixes sound as good in headphones as they do at 115dBs on the dancefloor.

*Special LIVE performance: 凱比鳥 (KBN)

Supporting DJs:
D.Hooker (ASOS)
A-Tao (Species Records)
Al Burro (Music for the Cats)
MiniJay (Bass Kitchen)
Yoshi (Bass Kitchen)

門票 Ticket: 600NT + 2 Drinks


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