20101203|Bass Kitchen 1st birthday: THE UNDERGROUND with Alex Celler @ LUXY/Pulse

✮ RA: 目前地下 house techno 文化最被推崇的超級新星之一!

✮ IBIZA VOICE: Alex Celler 的二首歌曲 ‘La Palma' 和 ‘Caedmon Loop' 絕對是2010年最當紅的浩室炸彈! 在每一場 Ibiza Cocoon 的派對中, 一定聽的到!

⇨ 重拍廚房不斷致力於推廣及介紹給大家最前衛和地下的浩室科技舞曲. 很高興地我們就要滿一歲了!

在這個特別的日子, 重拍廚房邀請到2010年 Fabric 的超級新星以及 Ibiza 2010 的終極兵器-

(Air London / Freak N' Chic / Area Remote / Cecille Numbers) 

這一次 Alex Celler 首次來台, 意味著倫敦 Fabric, 西班牙 Space, Amneisa 及荷蘭AIR的派對場景將被移植到 Luxy 台北。他的世界級的前衛浩室選曲風格及放歌技巧,電影中的倫敦地下派對場景不再遙不可及!

同場加映的是 DJ Hooker及重拍廚房的 MiniJay 和 Yoshi。The UNDERGROUND將會成為你最此生參加過難忘的瘋狂派對。請留意您的腳步, 倫敦地下鐵即將進站!

預售 NT400+2杯飲料
現場 NT600+2杯飲料

預售票販售點 (11月3號開賣!!!!)

☑ Luxy

☑ The SOHO dining space & URBAN 9 BAR

☑ 有種唱片

☑ thevilla-herbs

✮ RA: Probably the most promising of upcoming producers & DJs in the scene.

✮ IBIZA-VOICE: With ‘La Palma' and ‘Caedmon Loop' two of the more infectious house bombs of the year, particularly in Ibiza, where I don't think a single Cocoon passed by without the appearance of one of those tracks.

⇨ Having brought Taiwan's most talented house techno heroes together and showcased the serious side of underground dance music scene over the past year, we are soon to arrive at the first birthday of Bass Kitchen Taiwan.

On this exceptional night, Bass Kitchen is setting up shop in Luxy's Pulse room, bringing you one of Fabric's favourite DJs and Ibiza's super weapon of 2010 -

(Air London / Freak N' Chic / Area Remote / Cecille Numbers)

With Alex's arrival, Ibiza and Fabric's current scene can be said to be transplanted onto Taipei, since this bad boy was caught rocking Ibiza's Space and Amnesia as well as London's Fabric and Amsterdam's Air this summer!

Joined by Dominik Hooker, and the Bass Kitchen's idiots MiniJay and Yoshi, 'THE UNDERGROUND' is set to be crazier and groovier than ever before!
Please mind the gap, the next station is - Taipei!

NT400 advance + 2 drinks
NT600 @ door + 2 drinks

Tickets available: (Presales start on NOVEMBER 3rd!!!!!)

☑ LUXY (http://www.luxy-taipei.com/)
#5th floor, 201 Zhong Xiao East Road, Sec 4, Taipei

☑ The SOHO dining space & URBAN 9 BAR
No.149, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd, Taipei

☑ | Species Record |
Lane 96, #20, 2F Kun Min St., Wan Hua District, Taipei (Ximen)

☑ thevilla-herbs
#32 Lane 11 Leli Rd, Taipei


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