20101016|20 Years of Joey Negro @ Room18

Sat 10.16.2010 Room18 Presents 20 Years of Joey Negro

Room18 Presents
20 Years of Joey Negro
Room18 浩室舞曲大師系列 Part III
Joey Negro 英倫最強續航力DJ製作人,十月十六日強勢登台!

超過20年,以不同的化名發表作品,眾多膾炙人口名曲,奠定了Joey Negro在浩室舞曲
界不凡的名氣.Jakatta, Raven Maize, Z Factor..等背後代表的都是本名Dave Lee成為
始者,演譯而出多樣豐富的Disco House曲風,並且不斷推陳出新,成為舞曲音樂中最貼


Joey Negro is the most well-known pseudonym of master British DJ/producer/remixer Dave Lee. Under a plethora of other monikers including Jakatta, Akabu, Doug Willis, Raven Maize, The Sunburst Band, Sessomatto, and Z Factor, Dave has been involved in well over 200 productions, countless albums and a healthy stack of hit singles.
Widely regarded as one of the most commercially successful and in-demand artists on the global scene, Joey Negro now celebrates 20 years since the first Joey Negro record "Do It, Believe It" with a special world tour, showcasing his most well-known and best loved hits from across his 20 year career.

台北市松仁路88號b1 / b1, No. 88, Songren Rd., Taipei TW
+886 2 2345 2778
RSVP: 09 5811 1188

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