20100925|DTS presents LAIDBACK LUKE @ LUXY

Laidback Luke
Diplo, Steve Aoki, Tiesto 搭檔製作人
MSTRKRFT, David Guetta 欽點之混音製作


Dancing Through Sunday presents Laidback Luke 





5F, No. 201, Sec. 4, Chung-Xiao East Rd., Taipei.

LIMITED NT500 pre sale + 2 drinks 限量預售票 NT500+2杯飲料
NT700 pre sale + 2 drinks 般預售票 NT700+2杯飲料
NT900 @ door + 2 drinks 現場票NT900+2杯飲料

預售票販售點 Presale Stores

NEU (http://www.neu.tw/)
台北市敦化南路1段177巷17號1樓 (02)8771-8170
#17, Lane 177, Sec. 1, Dun Hua South Rd., Taipei

SCREAMING (http://www.screaming.idv.tw/wordpress/)
台北市萬華區昆明街109號B1-1 (02)2389-6936
#109, B1-1, Kun Min St., Wan Hua District, Taipei (Ximen)

台北市忠孝東路四段112號4樓之3 (02)8771-5688
#112, 4F-3, Zhong Xiao East Rd., Taipei

KGB (http://kgbburgers.com/)
台北市師大路114巷5號 (02)2363-6015
#5, Lane 114, Shi Da Rd., Taipei

LUXY (http://www.luxy-taipei.com/)
台北市大安區忠孝東路四段201號5樓 (02)2772-1000
#5th floor, 201 Zhong Xiao East Road, Sec 4, Taipei

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



In 2010 Dutch dynamo Laidback Luke is so supercharged and all over your body that it hurts. Blasting your bassbins with blockbuster beats, making your heads spin with his hybrid house styles, even cramping up your hands as you scroll down his discography! Recently, he’s worked with David Guetta, Diplo, A-Trak, Steve Aoki and Lil Jon, and remixed everyone from Black Eyed Peas to Calvin Harris and from Christina Aquilera to Moby. There have been three nominations for Luke in the Beatport Music Awards – and an International Dance Music Award (IDMA) gong in the Best House/Garage Track category for his work on ‘Leave The World Behind’. He’s sold out his own brand Super You&Me parties at Miami WMC. Plus, he’s invited to join Cream for some Super You&Me events at Amnesia in Ibiza. All this while kick-starting a compilation series, with Laidback Luke presents Super You&Me featuring Avicii, via his own label, Mixmash Records, and still finding time to give the next generation of music makers a leg-up through his forum, at www.laidbackluke.com. He’s got over 30,000 followers on Twitter, is sent 12GB+ of promos every week, and boards more than 160 flights per year – without breaking a sweat. Sure his name is Laidback, however when the music’s jumping he’s anything but…

♫GARETH JONES (Taichung/Canada/Swank Productions)

After a year in Montreal gorging on poutine and smoked meat sandwiches, he's back, and oh baby is he ever ready to twiddle some knobs, slide some faders, and don his pink power ranger mask in the Middle City! So ya'll better dust off yr thighmasters (and, you know, get your legs in shape....so you can dance, longer), pick out your most neon (neonest?) tight 'n bright gear and lace up them dancing shoes 'cause this old school Taichunger is as tall as a 6' 3" tree and ready to wrawk the shiz outta f#$@! He's got such an awesome shwack of new music in his virtual crate (his music comes from the Internet, not some far off exotic place that DJs travel to to find unique tunes) that ya'all are gonna end up tossing your panties at his FACE!

As for his credentials? He's been on the bill with some of the world's best: Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartal (Can), Rithma (U.S), Johnny Fiasco (U.S), Hipp-E. (U.S), James Zabiela (U.K), Azzido Da Bass, Hybrid, Ronski Speed, Tim Healey (U.K), Takkyu Ishino (Japan)

Gareth Jones,從2001年就開始投入DJ台的音樂世界裡
是Swank Productions 召集人,不論是宣傳、設計及創作都由他們一手包辦,也成功地舉辦了D&G Housecats、 花蓮雙年倉庫派對 (引爆秋花 The Hualien Fallout)、台中的Aquaboogie泳池派對…等活動。
曾與知名DJ :Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartal (Can), Rithma (U.S), Johnny Fiasco (U.S), Hipp-E. (U.S), James Zabiela (U.K), Azzido Da Bass, Hybrid, Ronski Speed, Tim Healey (U.K), Takkyu Ishino (Japan) 合作演出。
Gareth DJ 經過8年的成長 , 有了相當的知名度。其間曾赴 上海 泰國 蒙特婁。。。等地表演。 也常受邀參與各大活動 演出,像是 墾丁春吶 激音改造、EPSDJs的Deep Inside和Citrus的派對,他也曾在台北的Luxy、MOS 等知名夜店中演出。
Gareth將不斷創作出屬於他自己的 indie-dance, electro , 隨著時髦的舞曲透過支解、拼貼、實驗、加上完美的節拍重新編排…..。 讓我們一起享受這充滿新意的音樂旅程!!!

♫MATTY DIESEL (Taichung/Canada/Swank Productions)

Having shared stages with the likes of Jack Beats (U.K) Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartel (Can), Rithma (U.S.), Spykee Fat (Taiwan), Matty Diesel's passion for dance music comes out at every show. The people, the beats, the bass...

相信大家對Swank DJs並不陌生.. 隸屬Swank DJs的Matty D 五年以來, 從發生在台中的週末Swank Party旋風, 2009墾丁激音改造, 到今年結束了自身修行復出後的首場party跟DJ Spykee Fat在台中造成了全國各地粉絲都往台中跑的瘋狂現象... Matty D曾與 Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartel (Can), Rithma (U.S.) 同台演出.. 今後Matty D的Big Beats, 群眾魅力, 還有很爆笑的舉動將會全部在Neon Nights at the Loft 高度曝光.. 各位請拭目以待!

♫Marcus Aurelius

Influenced by the refined taste of vintage Kaoliang, DICK scooters, people stopping in the middle of sidewalks for no reason, and underboob, DJ Marcus Aurelius has been collecting records from garbage piles around Chinese New Year for 20-plus years. In that time, he's learned that plugs, when kicked, actually cut the power out from a stereo system, how to show up at a gig two minutes before he's supposed to play, and which bottle of champagne can make a
laptop short circuit the fastest.

Aurelius has played in the small room at clubs where headliners like DJ Milk Tea, Armando Van Bin Lang, DJ Krystal Myth, and MC Crunktastic were. Once, Aurelius even saw DJ Sirhan Sirhan at a night market and waved hello. Aurelius' sound, once compared to a truck full of bolts being sideswiped by JFK, Jr.'s small jet has now matured. Critic Johnny Longsack says Aurelius' new music, "would be best played for death row inmates at re-education camps in Dungguan, China, or could be the ultimate soundtrack for goat sacrifices."

2010 has been a huge year for Aurelius. Besides playing at the all-midget bar in Manila, Philippines, Aurelius has been cast as the lead in the new Korean soap opera, Don't Poison Our Rivers. Be on the lookout for a new Aurelius mix every day in September as well as three triple-CDs worth of trancehall mixed with big band sounds of the 1920s.


DJ Hooker, a rising star of the Taiwanese club scene, is a very versatile DJ who has performed in vast array of events through out Asia. From the moonlit beaches of Thailand, to the halls of Taichung Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan, from the gardens of the internationally renowned JuMing Museum to plush surroundings of EMI’s James Bond movie premiere and bitter cold winter nights of Beijing and Shanghai, he has had the opportunity to entertain a broad range of crowds. No matter if the job at hand is to create a rich atmosphere, set a groove or get a party rocking with ‘hands in the air’ music, he comes in ready to excel.

His smooth mixing and excellent, crowd pleasing choices have led to numerous appearance at massive gatherings with as many as 10,000 attendees, as well as small underground venues where insightful music knowledge is crucial to win the scenesters approval. DJ is a true passion for Dominik and seen him share the stage with plethora of international artists such as Armin van Burren, Dubfire, Plump DJs, James Zabiela, Tiefschwartz, Azido da Base, Rank1, Miguel Migs, Johnny Fiasco, and the list goes on and on. The shear range of these artists, from House, Trance, Techno and Electro is a testament to his excellence behind the decks.

In addition to special events D.Hooker has DJed at number of Taipei’s clubs, most notably South East Asia’s biggest club, Luxy, where he made regular weekly appearance and holds the cutting edge A State Of Sound party which blends the edge between DJs and Live entertainment.

When not behind the decks he spends a substantial amount of time in the studio working on his own musical projects and remixes for others.


When Fake Blood skipped out on Taiwan in 2009, Swing Child jumped on the opportunity to rescue the event and ran New Blood for DRTP. Swing Child is featured on Go Chic's new album and is Go Chic's regular go to DJ. Armed with 3 CDJ's or more, Swing Child is appearing regularly on the Neon Nights roster. Taipei is discovering Swing Child and everyone is dancing.

09年因為Fake Blood不來台灣, Swing Child而有機會在DRTP所辦的New Blood搶救本土大作戰嶄露頭角.. 今年3月Swing Child在本土婊團Go Chic 專輯發表派對跟Go Chic同台演出.. 4/2 在Neon Nights現場, Swing Child將會使用3台以上CDJ唷!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVEN VIGAR (http://www.stevenvigar.com/)★

Under the luminous and radiant spotlight casted by Steven Vigar’s lens is where everyone who is anyone in Taiwan is trying desperately to be. Currently based out of Taipei, photographer Steven Vigar hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he studied photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He’s since worked as photo editor for The Nugget and is a regular contributor for the Firstlight Associated Photographers. Since his relocation to Asia, he has taken Taiwan by storm and the name Steven Vigar has unarguably become Taiwan’s most illustrious name in photography.

Vigar’s most recent work can frequently be found in the Taipei Times, Adbusters, JPG, Taiwan Photographers and Waakao, where he won best photographer in 2009. Though he paved his road to fame by specializing in documentary, travel, and portraiture, his work extends to freelance publications and more recently his event photography has redefined a fresh more contemporary and experimental style and resulted in his being branded as Taiwan’s most sought after event photographer. Vigar’s unique eye has become a staple at urban parties, events, nightclubs, galleries, concerts, festivals, high fashion photo shoots, and beyond.

榮獲最高殊榮的攝影師 Steven Vigar,加拿大愛德蒙吞人,畢業於艾伯特北區攝影理工學院。曾擔任 The Nugget 報社攝影編輯,也定期為Firstlight Associated Photographers 拍攝作品。目前在台灣旅遊,此外也在多個出版社自由發行作品。他大部分近期的作品可以在 Taipei Times, Adbusters, JPG, Taiwan Photographers and Waakao 網站上看到。Vigar 擅長拍記錄寫實照片、旅遊照和肖像特寫照…等。他很樂意接恰出版社攝影編輯、肖像照及廣告的拍攝關於更多影像權轉讓的資訊 以及工作安排, 酬勞報價, 請不吝與我聯繫,會有專人幫你服務。謝謝。

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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