20100501|E for Electro 潮流音樂盛會 @ Light/台中

2010 05 01 (Sat) E for Electro
結合NU Rave、Indie Dance、Indie Electro潮流音樂盛會
E for Electro.......5/1台中Light見

DJs & Bands LINE UP:
22:00~23:30 DJ Wayne909 (Electro)
23:30~01:00 The Sinister Sound Syndicate (Indie Dance/Nu Disco)
00:00~01:00 GO CHIC (LIVE) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:00~02:30 DJ FreakySqueaker (Indie Rock/Electro/Disco)
02:30~04:00 DJ Matty D (Electro, Indie-dance)
04:00~05:00 DJ Naked (Electro)
05:00~06:00 DJ Corsa (Electro)

門票Ticket: NT$400 with 1 drink

VIP Rooms:
大包廂4500可以六人免門票(可以抵消費) 有3間
小包廂3500可以四人免門票(可以抵消費) 有3間
Big Room minimum charge $4500 (incl 6 tickets)
Small Room minimum charge $3500 (incl 4 tickets)
more info: +886 928900255 Ryan

Light Lounge @ Taichung

GO CHIC出新專輯了( I Am Confused! ) ,特別邀請GO CHIC電子樂團

Go Chic is an dance/pop/punk/electro group which started in Taipei around 2007, current members are Sonia Lai (賴思勻), Ariel Zheng (鄭思齊), Sarah Wen (溫一珊). This new band hit the scene with brightly colored tights and short shorts, laughing and joking with the crowd as they pumped out raw, catchy, dance-electro. Since then, Go Chic has lost a couple of members, gained a male drummer-Winston Li (李昀璁), and graduated to silver tutus and a coveted place as one of Nike’s 10 top Taiwanese bands for the company’s NIKE SPORTSWEAR NIGHT PARTY. They've played with such notable acts as Vicarious Bliss(Ed Banger FR), Dandi Wind(CA), Shitdisco(Dim Mak UK), Death Is Not My Aim(JP), etc. And are currently active in Taiwan playing various festivals and venues.
搖滾可以帶電。剛開始是4名女子玩的「Go chic」,今年改換以3女1男組合現身,仍擺著一副煙視媚行,跩氣橫秋的婊態,強勢殺進樂團圈。約2年前成軍,Go chic打著「女子搖滾」快速度在獨立音樂圈走紅,拿著大聲公的主唱衝撞人群,合成器女子拿著手中的空酒瓶,在台上公然茫掉或大飆髒話;20多歲的派對女孩們很兇悍熱血,還被國外知名樂團大力推薦,看來她們似乎並不膚淺,新輯「I’m confused!!」也將自製推出,放話要帶來新的搖滾舞池體驗。在舞臺上,Go chic的3名女子不避嫌裸露自己傲人的青春肉體,大方用洋派的歌詞,以大能量的搖滾混合激烈或妖嬈的電子節奏唱出女孩兒們的愛情、性以及挫折跟歡愉。

Wayne909 (DEEPLAY)
時裝和電子音樂推廣團體DEEPLAY的幕後推手,主理DEEPLAY所有系列主題派對,擅長以Electro, House & Breaks及多樣化的曲風,挑動舞客最深沉的律動細胞。曾經受邀為瑞典知名牛仔褲品牌Cheap Monday舉辦世界巡迴派對台北站,更受邀策劃法國鬼才導演Harmony Korine的MISTER LONELY獨立電影發表派對。09年與來自英國的SHITDISCO同台演出,同時更跨足設計領域,成立DEEPLAY同名服裝自創品牌。透過獨特的選曲功力和蓄勢待發的能量,來呈現新世代的聲音,讓Party People跳動一整夜,dancing night all night;意謂著Wayne909的來臨!

DJ FreakySqueaker
2001~09 年間曾與Mark Allen(UK)、GMS(UK)、Mino(Denmark)、FTC(Israel)、Cosma(Israel)、Tim Healey (UK) 、VJ Kaz (JP) 、VJ D-Fuse (UK)等知名國外DJ&VJ同台演出,在不斷的累積演出及創作經驗後,曲風也轉而走向多元化混種形態,音樂裡充滿奇特聲響所構成的異次元氛圍,帶動著Funky Groove的滾動低音,融合著狂野又性感的Break’n’Beat節奏,加上強勁又源源不絕的搖滾動感能量形成的巨大張力,充滿著更多的聆聽性以及有如旅程般的故事性。House、Techno、Break、Rock與Electro、Dance Rock相互完美混搭也讓人深刻感受到屬於他多樣且獨特的選曲概念…令人感受到他活潑頑皮的舞動與聽覺感受, 令你不由自主的隨著節拍舞動。
Freaky Squeaker的演出足跡也開始逐漸擴展到丹麥、香港、新加坡與北京、上海等地。並獲得許多舞客的一致好評與熱烈迴響。2009年與英國傳奇二人組 Evil Nine、LA時尚跳舞品牌Dim Mak旗下新秀Felix Cartal以及LA Riots、Atomic Hooligan、Aquasky、Rogue Element還有全球百大24名DJ Anderson Noise在台共同出演締造佳話。
A fashionable music producer, his music is full of unique improvised sounds that take you to the next level of Funky Groove pumping bass. This mixed with wild and sexy Break'n'Beat make for a fiesta of new flavor. Using powerful rock and roll influences he creates an explosion of energy. His music will take you on a kaleidoscopic whirlwind electronic adventure that will leave you only panting for more. He has played in places as far afield as Hong Kong, Denmark, Tibet, China and Singapore. 2002~2007 he do DJ with Mark Allen(UK)、Tim Healey(UK)、GMS(UK)、Mino(Denmark)、FTC(Israel)、Cosma(Israel). He has been embraced by many audience which has led to him becoming one of the hosts for this boog!e production

The Sinister Sound Syndicate
由兩位DJ Damo Darko 和 Frankie Fingers 組成的The Sinister Sound Syndicate, 他們熱愛音樂!也去蒙特利,蘇格蘭和南非等地學習和吸取經驗,帶來非常震憾的電子曲風,他們擅長Electro, Fidget House, Disco Punk和 Indie Dance/Nu Disco,當音樂一放,在美妙的舞池中你不難對他們的音樂感到遺忘,會不自覺的想好好跳舞,享受一整晚The Sinister Sound Syndicate的洗禮!這一次你不能錯過他們在台中的這一場!
Armed with 4 decks and 2 mixers to bring quality Elektro to Rhythm Citizens everywhere!
The Sinister Sound Syndicate is Damo Darko and Frankie Fingers; a DJ duo that shares a love for great music. With collective experience in the Montreal, Scottish, and South African club scenes they have come together to bring you an eclectic mix of high quality Elektro. The Sinister Sound Syndicate is influenced by musical genres from across the spectrum. Expect to hear a DJ set infused with Electro, Fidget House, Disco Punk, and Indie Dance/Nu Disco. A night with The Sinister Sound Syndicate is a night to remember as they put everything they’ve got into their shows guaranteed to get the dance floor bouncing. The night will be filled with filthy basslines, and nastiness never to be forgotten!

DJ Matty D (Swank)
electro, indie-dance, indie-rock
相信大家對Swank DJs並不陌生.. 隸屬Swank DJs的Matty D 五年以來, 從發生在台中的週末Swank Party旋風, 2009墾丁激音改造, 到今年結束了自身修行復出後的首場party跟DJ Spykee Fat在台中造成了全國各地粉絲都往台中跑的瘋狂現象… Matty D曾與 Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartel (Can), Rithma (U.S.) 同台演出.. 今後Matty D的Big Beats, 群眾魅力, 還有很爆笑的舉動將會全部在Neon Nights at the Loft 高度曝光.. 各位請拭目以待!
Matty Diesel has been making the dance floors of Taiwan move for the last 5 years. With his distinct blend of electro house , indie dance, breaks, and big ass bass, Matty always brings something fresh. Having shared stages with the likes of Evil Nine (U.K), L.A. Riots (U.S.), Rogue Element (U.K.) Anderson Noise (Bra), Felix Cartel (Can), Rithma (U.S.), Spykee (Taiwan), plus many other talented djs, Matty Diesel’s passion for dance music comes out at every show. With his animated stage presence, big beats, and interaction with the crowd, every show is different and not to be missed. This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 1:08 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

DJ NAKED (Electro)
Born in South Africa, Naked is influenced by so much music, and this is reflected in his style of play. He enjoys all electronic styles from house to techno and electro. His highlight in Taiwan has been at this years ReNu Party at Spring Scream in Kenting, when he played alongside all his international heroes like L.A.Riots,Evil Nine and Felix Cartel.
NAKED擅長於各式音樂從house, techno到電音都很有爆發力. 他的表演功力已經有很多人在各個大小活動見識到了,這次他要帶來絕對是讓你停不下來的電音及一樣超強貝斯震撼是不會少的

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