20100430-0501|Fantasia Warm up Party -夢幻水上暖身派對 @ LUXY/PULSE

This Weekend April 30th to May 1st.
Girls who wear Bikinis to Fantasia Warm Up Party, have a chance to win a ticket to the Fantasia Party on the 15th!!

Also, book a table/booth in Pulse these 2 days, and get 10% discount on all tickets to Fantasia!

這本週五及週六只要入場LUXY_Pulse 上身穿著比基尼style 出現,我們將會現場挑選10位幸運女孩,將會送出Fantasia 夢幻水上派對入場卷 !!

而且如果在活動這兩天來Pulse 包廂訂位加上直接現場購買預售票,我們將每張預售票給九折 !!!

Fantasia Warm up Party DJ line up ★

★April 30th.
22:00-00:00 Reason
00:00-02:00 Joe Ho
02:00-04:00 Carlos

★May 1st.
22:00-23:30 PiP
23:30-01:00 Cookie
01:00-03:00 J-Six
03:00-04:00 Max


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