20100312|A State of Sound: Neon Tigers - 螢光老虎 @ LUXY

A State of Sound: Neon Tigers - 螢光老虎

DJ Jimmy Chen
DJ Saucey
DJ D.Hooker
Burn Electric (炙電)

Luxy Boyz
True Spin Team



好音樂一直都是我們給你的保證!每一次的活動我們都精心挑選演出藝人,在我們過去舉辦的活動中,你認識了來自英國的Iain Taylor以及來自日本Discoscience,當然還有本土知名DJ Vertigo、J6、006、Code。這一次,我們為你帶來不朽的經典傳奇JIMMY CHEN!當然還有你熟悉的DJ Burn Electric、G.M.B.以及Hooker。對於演出藝人、表演秀、現場裝置,我們一直努力推陳出新,因為我們堅持帶給你趴踢新玩法,視覺聽覺還有其他多重感官的奢華體驗!

- 最新加入剛從加拿大回來的DJ Saucey 來為我們站台,讓party加入更多不同的音樂風格 更加精彩


服裝規定 : 螢光


ASOS is getting in to the spirit of things bringing in the new year roaring and banging!

There is something magical about neon. Even if you hate it, you have to love it. If you have walked this Earth long enough you probably have owned more than one piece of this magic. If you don't, this is your chance to indulge. Pull out those long forgotten leg-warmers, that bright yellow wig, or headband and wear it out. Or you could always get painted up with neon paint (it will be on hand). The black light will be on full. With ASOS the fun never stops.
But than it's always about excellent music. We brought you Iain Taylor from U.K., and Discoscience from Japan. You had a chance to listen to Taiwan's veterans Vertigo, 006, and Code and now you will get a chance to acquaint or re-aquient yourself with JIMMY CHEN, the man, the myth, the legend. Resident artists and DJs Burn Electric, G.M.B & Hooker will be out in full-force getting up to awsomeness as they lay down the soundtrack to your FUN.

-- As a special newly added treat you will be able to hear DJ Saucey play his first gig on a big sound system since his return to Taiwan.

As always, you can expect more as we add new performers, shows and deco to the mix to make your night just right.

So on the 12 of March come out and see what all the talk is about.

It's time to enter A STATE OF SOUND!

Dress Code: NEON

Table Booking: 0955904600

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