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還記得9月份我們在Light辦了第一場的BASSED OUT嗎? BASSED OUT呈現的是多元化的音樂及不同DJ的交流, 重點是只給你最強憾最重的音樂! 於是第一場我們集合了北中南甚至有從英國來的Dnb DJ把那天的場子熱翻天. 台北沒去到的朋友都有聽說那場有多棒, 第一場的BASSED OUT大受好評讓我相信音樂的交流可以帶出更多火花也是KARMA 辦活動的宗旨...我們不辦平淡無奇的派對!!
一季過去了, 12月的BASSED OUT這次有台中很棒的DJ VICTOR YEH還有台北來的DJ SUBTLE, 而這次來交流的則是來自舊金山現在暫居香港的DJ ENSO. 他有自創的音樂品牌, 是香港知名夜店的駐場DJ, 在香港舉辦專屬的活動. 我問他說你這次會放那些製作人的音樂? 他告訴我他從未想過當天表演要特地放誰的音樂, 他跟著他的感覺走.他的隨性讓我覺得很有趣但也更期待他這次到台灣的表演. 這是他第一次到台灣也是唯一一場的表演就在台中的BASSED OUT. 我和你們一樣期待 :)

Still remember the first BASSED OUT Sep at Light Lounge? The main theme of BASSED OUT is to represent heavy tunes and big bass through different kinds of music and DJs. That's why we invited DJs from different cities and even Dnb DJs JD+ MOS(UK) last time. It turned out really well indeed. People from Taipei also heard about that party and wished they could have made it. The first BASSED OUT made me believe that having DJs come if from different places can bring more energy into the music, which is also the main purpose of KARMA since we don't do run of the mill parties!!
Now another season has passed by. For BASSED OUT Dec we will have more great DJs, VICTOR YEH from Taichung, and DJ SUBTLE from Taipei. We will also have a special guest DJ - DJ ENSO (Sanfrancisco) coming over from Hong Kong. DJ ENSO has his own record label, and holds parties and DJs in Hong Kong and across Asia. When I asked him which producers' music he will play this time... he said that he just plays what he thinks is right at that time - what a DJ!! This is the first time he will come to Taiwan and he will only play at BASSED OUT in Taichung. Trust me, I'm stoked and looking forward to this gig as much as you are :)

DJ ENSO (electro, bmore, dance rock, hip hop) - HONG KONG
來自美國舊金山的DJ ENSO從青少年時期就開始接觸打碟,並在奧克蘭及加州辦了許多場Dnb(鼓打貝斯)的活動. 之後他就決定開始自己DJ並創音樂. 這也因此讓他認識了在2003年時認識了嘻哈音樂的製作人Roche並一起創立了Solos音樂品牌
過去五年多來這個音樂品牌不斷發表最前衛的音樂出了8張專輯,30個音樂短片. 你可以在許多的音樂媒體包括 XLR8R, Flashmag, 3HIVE找到DJ ENSO的製作, 像是the Solos in Stereo compilation series (2005, 2008), The Hidden Staircase Maxi-EP (2006)及數不清的混音作品.
為了要讓Solos這個音樂品牌的市場延伸到亞洲並接觸更多音樂於是DJ ENSO於2007年1月到了香港. 他在2007年替獨立影片製作音樂並和許多華人音樂人合作. 身為一個DJ, 他從不挶限於哪一種音樂, 從電音舞曲, 嘻哈, bmore, 到電子他所要表現的就是讓現場的氣氛high到最高點.
目前在和DJ Kid Fresh合作的期間他是Pimpin Ain's Easy活動主辦及香港藝人都常出沒的Hype Nasty夜店的駐場DJ並已經在亞州許多夜店表演過. 過去一年來他有合作過的知名音樂人如下:

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Enso has always had a passion for building things from scratch. As a teenager, he threw drum and bass warehouse parties in Oakland, CA, before he decided to turn his attention to DJing and music production. This brought him in contact with local hiphop producer Roche in the summer of 2003, and together they founded the Solos Records music label.
Over the past five years, the label has released curiously forward-thinking music on eight full vinyl and CD projects, 30 audio/visual podcasts and spontaneous media. DJ Enso’s production has received print and online acclaim from XLR8R, Flashmag, 3HIVE, and more. Highlights include contributions to the Solos in Stereo compilation series (2005, 2008), The Hidden Staircase Maxi-EP (2006), plus countless remixes and podcasts.
DJ Enso relocated to Hong Kong in January 2007, expanding Solos’ reach into Asia and bringing him in contact with a new world of musical influences. DJ Enso produced the audio score to Akit Fong’s 2007 independent film Close to Perfect, and has collaborated with traditional Chinese vocalists on a number of recent productions. As a club DJ, he plays an eclectic mix of modern dance music, from hip hop to dancehall, bmore to miami bass and electro to dubstep.
Partnering with DJ Kid Fresh (3 X World ITF Champ, Germany), DJ Enso has founded and hosted the cutting-edge Pimpin Ain’t Easy and Hype Nasty club nights across Asia. Just in the past 12 months, he has played alongside the following international top names among others:
- A-TRAK (Fools Gold Records, NYC/Montreal)
- CRAZE (6 x DMC World Champ / Miami)
- KLEVER (2 x DMC USA Champ / Atlanta)
- KID FRESH (3 x ITF World Champ / Germany)
- KAZEY (Clap Clap / Paris)
- DJ RAFIK (2007 DMC World Champion / Germany)
- DEXPLICIT (DXP Recordings / London, UK)
- CURTIS VODKA (White Light Orchestra / Alaska)
- CB RADIO (Solos Records, New York City)
- HATCHMATIK (Peer Pressure / Montreal)
- DRE SKULL (Vicious Pop / New York City)
- DJ BEWARE (Man Recordings, Vienna/HK)
- DANIEL HAAKSMAN (Man Recordings / Berlin)
- PAT DRASTIK (Ottawa, Canada)
- SUIVEZ (Zurich, Switzerland)
- DJ MISS YELLOW (Pimpin Ain’t Easy, Hong Kong)
- P.O.L. Style (Numbers, Tokyo)
- DJ BECAREFUL (Subcrew, Hong Kong)
more abt DJ ENSO, check the following links:
想瞭解更多這位來自美國舊金山現在暫居香港的DJ ENSO,可以瀏覽以下連結

DJ Victor Yeh (techno,house, electro) - TAICHUNG
前玫瑰唱片(Rose Record) 西洋部負責人,憑藉著對音樂理想的執著與熱情,舉辦及參與過無數的音樂盛事 (06年 Swank :Christmas Party, 07年 Swank: Latex,年 Boog!e Re: Fresh Electronic @ Zoo , 07年台中文英館千人聖誕派對, 08年Digital Phenomenon@ Luxy, 08年Boog!e: Rock& Rave戶外海灘派對@通宵)。曾擔任台中知名頂級Lounge- 78-2, 以及 Kandi Club 的駐場DJ,近幾年已成為各大派對組織競相邀請的DJ之一,於07年加入Boog!e Production。 Victor Yeh深受英國電音舞曲文化影響甚鉅,風格帶有美妙的旋律,時而性感誘人、時而風騷俏皮。 從 Deep Tek, Electro , Minimal, Techno到Progressive 的多面向風格,不難發現他對於各類型音樂的巧妙的混音轉換,有著自成一格的特色,經由他的精心編排的音樂旅程,必將帶給你一個驚奇的聽覺震撼.。
Victor Yeh was once the supervisor of western music department at “Rose Record. Because of his passion and enthusiasm for music, he has been joining and hosting countless party events since his early 20’s ( Swank Christmas Party in 06, Swank Latex in 07, Boog!e’s Re: Fresh Electronic at Zoo, Boog!e’s Christmas Party in Wei Yi Hall , Digital Phenomenon at Luxy , Boog!e- Rock& Rave outdoor beach party at Tong-Shau in 2008. he also was the resident DJ for one of the top lunge bar- 78-2 and Kandi Club in Taichung. During the near years, he surly becomes one of the most innovative and popular DJ in Taiwan.
He has been deeply influenced by the world inventive electronic music culture and his style always with freaky elements and beautiful melodies. His sound is progressing and changing constantly with a burst of energy ,slowly building up and unleashing the unknown within .
Yeh is well known of his very calm apearance on the stage but his choice of music and mixes give out everything he wants to share with his audience:love,fun,energy and freedom of the spirit. He is indeed one of the Taiwanese Dj's who always entertains and keeps the dancefloor wild ,happy and alive .

DJ SUBTLE (Dnb, breakbeats) - TAIPEI
來自美國的DJ SUBTLE從10歲就開始接觸音樂, 在16.17為時開始更熱衷於打碟. 他熱愛不同類型的音樂包括funk, soul, Dnb 和碎拍.DJ這十年來. 他從未忘記每次表演都是為了要給當天舞池上的人最棒的一晚.

Ever since he was a little shorty, music was always an important part of Subtle's upbringing. Thinking back on it, he remembers having his first Fischer Price turntable when he was just old enough to walk. He was also introduced to artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick and N.W.A. at an early age. From that point on, he was hooked. Some of Subtle's first "sessions" started when he was like 10. He would invite all the neighborhood kids over and rock out in the living room on the family cassette/CD player. Then he got his first set of decks when he was 16 or 17 and started taking the art more seriously. Over the years his passion for all different kinds of music, including funk, soul, DnB and breakbeats, has continued to grow and has fostered a career in DJing that is now going on 10 years. Subtle aims to get everyone on the dance floor moving, and to give you an experience that will (hopefully) be worth writing home about

DJ Enso has founded and hosted the cutting-edge Pimpin Ain’t Easy and Hype Nasty club nights across Asia.
這次香港來的DJ ENSO是知名派對活動Pimpin Aint Easy的創辦人並是活動主辦.
讓我們看一下一週年時香港的他們玩的有多開心哩 12.26今年的第二場BASSED OUT別又說可惜錯過啦!!

300 with 1 drink !!

VIP Rooms 包廂定位:
大包廂3500可以六人免門票(可以抵消費) 有3間
小包廂2500可以四人免門票(可以抵消費) 有3間
Big Room minimum charge $3500 (including 6 tickets)
Small Room minimum charge $2500 (including 4 tickets)
Reservation: Ryan 0928900255

Light Lounge @ Taichung
No.85, HuaMei W.St.Sec.1,Taichung, Taiwan

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