20091113|ASOS:Dark & Light @ LUXY

On Friday the 13th 2009 A State of Sound is doing it again.
Bringing you the most innovative, entertaining experience that you will have in Taiwan.

This time ASOS is embarking on an audio & visual expedition into Dark and Light.
Immerse yourself in a world we have created, as we focus on the stimulation of your Aural and Visual senses. Our resident and guest artists will be bringing you the best of the old and new sounds in Electronic Music. Experience live, interactive performance arts, musicians and more. Pushing the envelope with twice as many DJs, musical acts, dancers, VJs, Lasers and or course partiers. Join us in the evolution of the Club Night.

永遠為您呈上最潮感受的ASOS - A State of Sound又夾著勢如破竹之勢回來了!這次的ASOS將以光影手法帶您探索光明與黑暗!


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