20090928|Underworld Live 官方網誌-台北行

Monday 28th September

Update Taipei: too much sleep produces crazy brain sensation after a night in which
we were locked into a shopping mal. Soundcheck is a joy (not something you'll often find
me say). ...

They love art here & everywhere the typography is beautiful. The busses 'sing'
painted in luminous & fluorescent colours with pelmets & curtains that your Nan would love
& great sets of flashing lightshows on the back - rave buses are the future.
I want a Taiwanese tour bus!

There's a giant wooden ball downstairs carved out've
telegraph poles & walls made of strings of Autumn leaves.

Meanwhile, back at soundcheck, the production looks & sounds brilliant. The local crew
has a rare attention to detail & our team have pulled a whole new set of stops out after
our free-form jam session in Singapore. Back stage in the venue l fall in love with a hard-hat
as I pass through my Plastic-Ono phase. It's got the number '13' on it which turns out to be
a good number this year. The guy who owns the hard hat gives it to me as a gift. I ask what I can do for him & the message comes back, "Do a great show"
Now, heading out into the streets with Toby Vogel & a bag full of cameras to catch the evening sun.

Last night was one've those nights you remember for ever. Stuff came together & the energy in the hall kept comin in waves, clean & strong, all night long. We expected 4,000 & when the crew started dismantling the VIP section to make room for more people there was a tangible buzz throughout the day. The soundcheck went great, & we even had time to work on a new version of Diamond Jigsaw...

To round it off, when we arrived in time to 'do the cards' we were greeted by a table of offerings to the spirits, made by the local crew, for good luck & a successful night. You gotta feel good about people with this kind've attention to detail. The 6,000+ joyous people who turned out to celebrate & create some of the richest energy I've felt at any time in our history made this an extra-ordinary night. On at midnight, off at 2:00am, sweaty & happy & buzzin' till 4.

In the morning Hyde checked his limbs in to be massaged back to reality whilst Pricey led a possy to Techno Heaven.

It rained & it was beautiful & it felt like home.

Later, riding the underground to wander the Sunday markets, we were stalked by a photographer somebody recognised from last night. You gotta laugh, he was so conspicuous - kept ducking behind pillars like a bad comedy.

We drank & ate strange stuff at the market  until it was time to eat again (there's been a lot've eating on this trip). Now the body wants to sleep. Wants to get back on UK time. Wants to stretch out on the sofa with a good film until the grand prix kicks off. Lewis is back on pole with Jenson starting back in 12th. I love the night racing & I love that connection you feel with millions all over the world who're experiencing the same thing at the same time. Broadcasting is so cool sometimes. And the coolest thing about watching the race is that I know some of the people who will be watching it back in the UK at the same time & the distance between us will, for a short while, disappear.

This is a short one. It's early - too early. Did we sleep? I don't know. How do you feel? Ask me an easier one. Where are we going? To sit in a traffic jam for two hours. Why? To jump into the sky, remember? Oh yeah - where are we goin? Hongkong. Oh yeah - are we playing tonight? No, it's a day off. I thought you said we were flying. Oh yeah...

I got Efterklang playing in the background as we pack. How about you?


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