20090703.10.24|Freakout! (週五夜 ) @ JumP

感謝大家的支持, 上禮拜五的 Freakout! 非常成功!
也希望在七月份裡大家繼續支持 Freakout!
在七月份裡, Freakout! 將在 3, 10, 24號舉行,
在每一次的 Freakout! 裡將會有各種不同的主題
Freakout! 也會提供獎品給符合主題照型的來賓

7/3 的主題是學生制服趴
穿上你的學生制服, 一起來 Freakout!

"Freakout!" is the new bi-weekly party at Jump, one of Taipei's hottest clubs,
bringing you the newest, underground and cutting edge electronic dance music
from Taiwan's premiere DJs.

Come Freakout! with us on the first and 3rd friday of June! Freakout is dedicated
to bringing back quality electronica music to the Taipei underground dance scene.
With undoubtedly the best sound system in Taipei your bound to Freakout!

"Freakout!" 是台北的新興派對! 六月份開始於每月的第一跟第三個禮拜五在Jump舉行. Freakout!
是特別獻給所有喜愛前衛且有質感的電子舞曲舞迷們, 我們將邀請台灣的頂尖DJ,在Jump震撼的音響下,
It's Friday! come "Freakout!" with us!

It's Friday! come "Freakout!" with us!
Taipei new bi-weekly party @ Jump, 6/5 & 6/19.
首次的 "Freakout!" 將於六月五號星期五舉行!

DJs: 006, Jimmy Chen, Tiger

票價 Ticket: $ 500 NTD
營業時間 Biz Hour: 10pm - 5am

Freakout @ Facebook

The Best Reason to go out on Friday Night Again!

台北市基隆路一段八號 B1( 基隆路與南京東路五段 交叉口附近 )

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